February 02, 2014

Pinspiration Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I hope you've all had a great week and a good start to the new month (still can't quite believe it's already February...)  I have a fresh collection of pins to share with you today so go grab your hot beverage of choice and we'll dive right in.


* listening - radio
* reading - The Persian Pickle Club (haven't quite started yet)
* making - Nice People Nice Things embroidery
* eating - toast & peanut butter
* drinking - water
* wearing - jeans, shirt & cardie
* weather - overcast, 3C
* feeling - philanthropic
* wanting - another weekend day (always)
* needing - in the larger scheme of things, nothing
* planning - Persian Pickle project
* thinking - about future possibilities
* loving - quiet time in bed with Oskar
* enjoying - a warm day with a bit of sunshine

And now on to the pins...

You see that adorable log cabin mini photo there?  That's my stock photograph!  This mini quilt was made by my mum, Diane England, and some years ago now I photographed a number of her quilts for stock photography purchases (which I sold via my iStockphoto account).  I stumbled over its use last week quite randomly but how cool is that?  And incidentally, if you like the idea of converting full-sized quilt patterns into minis, check out the article.

Last week I shared with you a new quilter blog I've been enjoying.  This week Camille posted a number of cute mini quilt patterns (at a very reasonable cost).  I love this puddle jumping one.  She also has a cute umbrella one, too.

A handy little organiser for your ironing board to keep your tools sorted while you work.  Love the cute little pin cushion, too.

I really liked this take on the family shield concept that was presented in Jen Gallagher's "Make It Meaningful" video from the beginning of the year.  The literal shield version Jen made wasn't to my liking but this alternate, more artistic/scrapbook-y version really appeals to me.

Total love!  I have a crocheted sock monkey hat similar to this that I wear for yard duty at work - I get so many giggles from the children, although they sadly don't understand the reference to sock monkeys (this generation, eh?!).

Here's a cute idea for an up-coming Father's Day or masculine birthday gift idea - make a glasses case out of a necktie.  Pretty spiffy.

Breakfast Brights

And here's a little colour palette inspiration that includes the Pantone 2014 colour of the year: radiant orchid (it even includes orange - how awesome is that?  I'm hooked!)

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