February 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hello, hello!  Well, it's been a few days - work is a rollercoaster, as always.  But I have something to share with you today.  You may recall that back in January (this post, to be exact), I mentioned my plans to take an old and long unused computer desk and convert it into a sewing corner.  Well, check this out:

 (Apologies for the poor lighting.)

So I cleaned off the old desktop computer, which will be going to a friend, plus all the other junk (for lack of a better description).  I took off the shelving unit that was attached to the top of the desk - it was rather confining and I wanted to not have the desk facing the wall; then turned the desk around to look into the room and get some natural light from the nearby window.

Here's a closer look into the corner.  As it turned out, the shelving unit was still reasonably sturdy on its own and it literally *just* fit next to the larger shelving unit (which also gave it extra support on the weaker side).  I've filled it with my scrapbooking supplies and it's so nice to finally have a proper place for things now and not have to dig around in dark, cramp piles!

I haven't actually had time yet to sit down and sew but having this dedicated space is really making me want to.  Which leads me to my next share for today.  On Sunday I shared a pin to this layer cake sampler quilt-along:

I've decided that I'm going to jump in and join and I'm so excited!  I don't have any layer cakes so I went through my fat quarter collection and my scraps and have pulled out a large stack of fabrics and even started cutting.  I'm going to use 8" square blocks so that my final finished blocks measure 12" square.

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