February 16, 2014

Pinspiration Sunday

Good evening!  I suddenly realised that if I didn't post my Pinspiration picks soon, it wouldn't be Sunday for much longer.  Don't you just love lazy days that get away from you like that?  So, go grab your hot beverage of choice and cosy up with me.


* watching - Winter Olympics
* reading - The Persian Pickle Club (half way through - really enjoying it)
* making - embroidery quilt & scrapbooking
* eating - baked potato & asparagus
* drinking - water
* wearing - PJ trousers and jumper
* weather - partly cloudy, 5C
* feeling - relaxed
* wanting - more arms/hands
* needing - a hair appointment
* planning - a special Valentine's LO
* thinking - very little and it's all good
* loving - spending the day in bed
* enjoying - having a long catch-up with my Mum

And now on to the pins...

Perhaps it's just me but I quite fancy the cute little elephant baby trend the last few years.  This would make a cute wallhanging or play mat for baby.
I really love the garden lattice design and I totally fell in love with Cindy's yellow and grey full-sized garden lattice quilt so a mini is just as awesome.

This is just some photo inspiration - there is no pattern - but it wouldn't be difficult to design and put together.  Tooth pillows are just so popular right now and 'who' could resist these adorable owls?  (Not me, clearly.)

I've made similar idea nappy wraps and changing pads for friends in the past.  This is like the deluxe model with the terry towel lining and the nappy pocket.  Again, just photo inspiration, no pattern but not difficult to design.
How great is this non-traditional winter LO in pinks and oranges?  The warmth is just glorious and the layering and embellishing are lovely, too.  Good stuff.

There is so much to love about this 2-pager: the little tracks of shaped paper clips, the Chinese characters, the little typed journaling boxes with doodled edges, the mist spatters and so on and so on.

Okay, I haven't actually read through this entire article (yet) but the parts I have read have been good so far so I'm recommending it.

And once you've learnt the basics, why not play a little with some old book pages for some unique art for your creations?

It's been a while since I shared a sketch and this one caught my eye for a LO I'm starting to plan out in my head.  Perhaps it will also spark your creative flow, too.

I also really like the striking hexie pie chart on this sketch.  A square photo or portrait 4x6 look the nicest with this sketch, just FYI.

This photo and colour palette is just so pretty.  I could see some real show-stopper quilts or LOs made with these colours - that bold turquoise with the softer periwinkle hues and warm neutrals.  Swoon.

And finally, with the exception that I would swap coffee for tea, this is totally my mantra this week.  :)