February 14, 2014

Just Saying...Thanks

Hello and TGIF!  Not only is it Friday, but in my world, it's sports break!  Here in Sweden, sports break is our version of spring break, except everyone travels to go downhill skiing.  Except me.  I hole myself up in my flat and try to recuperate from having traveled over the Christmas break.  It's a truly wonderful time of the year.  :P

I've been slowly flexing my crafting muscles again after the winter holidays break and I've made up a few much-needed thank you cards.  Let's take a look, shall we?

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm totally and utterly smitten with Pebbles' From Me to You collection.  If you're a card-maker, this collection is absolutely a must-have!  I've found that I keep turning to it time and time again and it's wonderful for all sorts of cards from birthdays to thank-yous.

I drew a fair bit of colour inspiration from the February 2Peas mood board; specifically the pink and chalkboard elements, plus a bit of freehand doodling.

This first card is for a colleague from work whom is also my wonderful yoga instructor who will soon be moving to Switzerland.  I wanted to make sure she got a card before she left.

Despite having photographed it in natural daylight, the colour is a touch off and the chalkboard looks more brown than black but I can assure you it is very black in real life.  This was in fact the design that kept me up most of a night.  Everything is layered with some messy black thread on the bottom to give some added interested, texture and fill some of the white space.  The black enamel dots really helped make everything pop and the doodled line around the edge grounds the design.

I also needed a second thank you card for a friend who helped cat-sit Oskar during the bathroom renovation from Hell and over the winter holidays while I was away.  Rather than re-invent the wheel, I took the same design as above and made a second card.

Again, all layered with the chalkboard banner and a chipboard tag and some floral stickers.  I also added a chipboard bouquet and some embroidery floss for the fibre element.  Another doodled edge to ground the image.  On the inside of the card I've added a little glassine bag, in which I'll add a personal note and an extra surprise.

I've linked up available supplies for both cards to my 2Peas account - just click through the links below the pictures if you're interested in seeing what I used and the manufacturers.