August 22, 2014

Persian Pickle Project 2014 - Part II

Welcome back!

So as you know, my Haberdashery group had our big reveal this Tuesday of all of our Persian Pickle-inspired projects.  In case you missed it, I shared my wallhanging here.

Today, however, I wanted to share with you the wallhangings the other ladies in my sewing group made.  I know, how exciting!

Tea Time by Ingrid

Birds by Karen

Houses by Lena N.

Cottage by Annika (WIP)

Attic Windows by Britt

Cathedral Windows by Hanna

Dresden Plate by Lena F.

Singin' in the Rain by Birgitta (held by Ingrid)

House in the Woods by Inger (WIP)

Flowers by Marion

Puzzle Pieces by Lisbet

This was such a fun project, I'm hoping we continue to do a group project each year.

August 20, 2014

Persian Pickle Project 2014

Hello, hello!

I'm so excited to be sharing a completed project with you today!  In case you haven't yet noticed, I'm not always (cough, cough - usually) very good about finishing sewing projects...  But this one had a deadline and I usually work well towards deadlines (if you count waiting to nearly the last minute as working well - thanks, Mum).  Anyway, personal foibles aside...

You may recall that at the beginning of the year, my Haberdashery sewing group had decided to do a group project based on the fabric swapping principle behind the book The Persian Pickle Club.  You can find the full details of our project in this post.

In February we made our fabric swaps, which you can read up on in this post.  And here is the photo of all our fabrics together (unsurprisingly, mine is the orange dragonfly print).

Right from the beginning I had an idea of what I wanted to do for a design - a paper pieced circle of geese blocks.  I had intended on using basic white as the background colour but since so many of the fabric contributions were pale or light coloured, a darker background would be necessary.  Except that I didn't want to use black, because it felt very flat so instead I found a mottled brown with warm and cool tints throughout it; it's not really my style but I think it works with the rest of the prints and sometimes you've got to work outside of your comfort zone.

And so...the big reveal!

Ta da!  The wallhanging finishes at 40cm square (as stated in the project requirements).  It features a central circle of geese block in counter-clockwise rotation (yeah, I'd meant to do it clockwise and printed off the wrong pattern by mistake - oops but not the end of the world).  I added a one inch border into which I used some off-cuts of the fabrics to lick & stick tiny geese around the edges using odd numbered groupings and gaps for added interest.

The quilting was a little challenging as my machine is quite old; so old it's been impossible to find a quilting foot that will work with it so I had to go slowly with a regular sewing foot and ease in fabric manually where needed.  My machine can also sometimes have tension issues when quilting but luckily I seemed to find the right combinations of settings this time around.

Originally I had thought to reinforce the circular concept by quilting concentric circles in the center.  Unfortunately you can imagine my dismay (and laughter) when I realised that I'd effectively quilted a bulls-eye into the center of my geese...  Open season, anyone?

Time for Plan B: geese flying by star light.  I stitched in the ditch around the large central star shape and added some additional lines in each arm of the star.  Then I drafted a smaller star template which I quilted into the corners.  For the geese I stitched in the ditch around each goose and then added arched lines on the insides.  I repeated this quilting on the small one inch geese in the borders (not easy, I can assure you).  I also quilted simple geese shapes into the rest of the borders; 12 geese per border, one every inch and some I reversed, again for interest.

The final touch, I recorded the project and contributors on the hanging sleeve on the back.  This Tuesday we will be revealing all of our wallhangings to each other at our next Haberdashery meeting.  Then the whole collection will be put on display at our guild exhibition end of September, which will be exciting.

August 17, 2014

Guild Show & Tell - August

Last week was our first guild meeting since the summer holidays and I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of the photos of projects brought along for Show & Tell.

First up, this lovely scrappy strips quilt top was sewn by my close friend, Ingrid, using a treadle sewing machine while on holiday with friends in Kansas.  How productive was she, sewing while on holiday overseas?!

This delicate hexie quilt is hand quilted; so pretty.

I also really loved this fun fox faces quilt.

Another great stash-buster project:

To see all of the Show & Tell projects and/or more information (in Swedish) from our meeting, you can check out the original ÖQ-Augusti Möte.

August 12, 2014

Surf's Up Kit

Last month I introduced a fun new scrapbooking group led by Margareta Carlsson called Scrap Stash Kit Club.  The premise of this club is simple - every month Margareta posts a new 'kit' made from her existing stash supplies and based on a theme (colour, season, etc.).

July's kit was Squeeze, a collection of citrus-themed papers and embellishments.  I posted photos of my HUGE Squeeze kit but unfortunately (fortunately?) hosting an overseas visitor left little time for crafting (but many, many new photos to scrap!) so I have yet to actually use my kit.  That hasn't discouraged me, though, and I still plan on using it for a few layouts and/or cards.

Margareta posted the new kit theme for August a few weeks ago: Surf's Up, a collection of navy/blue, yellow/gold and turquoise/aqua papers and embellishments.

Surf's Up kit by Rochelle Barnes

Yummy, right?

Margareta has also made a video featuring her own Surf's Up kit with ideas and suggestions for what to include and different options for your scrapbooking style.

Got your creative juices flowing yet?

August 10, 2014

Kiva - May 2014 BONUS!

Oh my, I've suddenly realised that I'm quite a bit behind in sharing my Kiva project the last few months.

Back in May I was pleased to receive a bonus $25 donation sum from the Kiva team, to use as I saw fit.  How cool!  So, I put it to good use here:

Milagro (Columbia)

A loan of $550 helps Milagro to buy a sewing machine, fabric, thread, and sewing accessories.

Milagro, 39, has a business making clothing for men, women and children. She has 17 years of experience. When she was very young, in the year 1997, she learned how to sew and decided to set up a dressmaking workshop so that she could help her husband with the household expenses that he had been in charge of covering. Today, she buys supplies in cash from the dressmaking supply stores, and she sells in part for cash and in part on credit, depending on the type of customer.

Milagro works every day from 8am until 8pm, because she has a lot of goals to achieve, such as buying more sewing machines, and completing the remodel work on her house. However, increasing her production is a great challenge, along with retaining her customers and being able to save. At this time, she is applying for a Kiva loan, the first financing that she has done through Fundacion Mario Santo Domingo. With this loan she will buy a sewing machine, fabric, thread, and accessories so that she can make new designs, increase her productivity, and improve the quality of her final products.

As always, if you find the Kiva project just as awesome and inspiring as I do, you can easily get involved by checking out their website:

August 08, 2014

Vintage Bliss Cards II

Before going on holiday, I shared with you two cards I made using an older Simple Stories Vintage Bliss sticker sheet.  I actually made an additional two cards using those stickers, which I'm happy to share with you today.

Having shared with you previously my extremely belated Mother's Day card for my mum, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that I also had an equally belated Mother's Day card for my granny.

Happy (Mother's) Day

Again, I went unconventional on the sentiment; I quite liked the quirkiness of it.  My gran has always been into gardens and loves flowers so I knew I wanted to work in this seed chart journaling card from OA's Woodland Park line.  I pulled out the matching 12x12 patterned pattern and fussy-cut matching flowers as additional embellishments, then used the little phrase banners to fill the empty space on the card.

Next I made a birthday card for a friend who's had a really difficult go of it the last six months.

SMILE Birthday Card

I really wanted this card to brighten her day so I kept things clean and simple and focused on that message of hope and encouragement.  And of course nothing makes me smile quite like beautiful, glittery gold sequins.  A simple doodled border added to the light and airiness while keeping everything grounded.

And in case you're wondering, my to-do list of cards hasn't shortened any recently...

August 07, 2014

A Little Make-Over...

Hello, hello!

Goodness, it's been a while.  July has been a month of highs and lows and while moving into August means I will once again be returning to work in a few short days, I'm glad to have put July behind me.

The good news is that I feel there are so many things I would like to share but I'm going to err on the side of avoiding blogging diarrhea and spread out the goodies into various posts over the next week or so.

Since I'm just dipping my toe back into blogging today, I'll keep things short and sweet and start by announcing a little change I've made to my blogging home - a new title!  Previously titled Scraps of My Life, now Snip Snap Scraps.  Sometimes you just need a fresh start...

What to look forward to in the next few days:
  • Two 'new' cards
  • A new Scrap Stash kit for August
  • WIP projects
See you soon!

July 12, 2014

Vintage Bliss Cards

Welcome back!

In my last post I shared a new kit I made from my stash supplies, called 'Squeeze' - a collection of bright citrus oranges, yellows, lime greens and a few hot pinks with kraft and wood grain neutrals.

Now, despite having pulled this yummy new kit, I sort of went in a different direction with some very long over-due cards I've been putting off making.  While going through my stash, I pulled out this Simple Stories Vintage Bliss sticker sheet:

Vintage Bliss

I've barely touched it so far and decided it was high time I started using it so I grabbed some card bases and got to work and whipped up two cards.

The first card is a very belated Mother's Day card for my mum.  Originally I had started this card months ago - can't even remember what for now - but didn't get any further than adhering the patterned paper to the card base, then just couldn't seem to decide on a direction for it and set it aside.  Having been on a crafting hiatus for a while now, I decided to keep things a bit simple.

Mum - You Fill My World with Sunshine

Sometimes it's nice to have non-conventional sentiments, which is why I chose the banner.  I added the flowers and played with where to place them until I discovered how nicely the 'M' fit into a gap in them.  Then added the circle at the end of the banner and clustered a few little hearts there.  Finally, I added rhinestones to the centers of three of the flowers and then balanced those with a single rhinestone on the topmost heart.  As a finishing touch, I doodled some lines around the edges to ground the design.

Now, if you thought Mother's Day back in May was bad for being behind, you'll absolutely cringe when I tell you that this next card is an extremely belated birthday card for my Granny - whose birthday was in April!  Eek!  Bad granddaughter!  I know she won't have minded and she'll like getting a card regardless so I made one anyway.

So this second card combines the Vintage Bliss sticker sheet with some October Afternoon products - a journaling card, which I had thought to use on another project a while back, inked the edges and then changed my mind, and some mini market letter stickers.  I also threw in a MME label sticker.

Oh So Happy Birthday

I found the yellow gingham paper in my scrap basket, then noticed that the blue label would fit perfectly inside the journaling card (and that the colours worked well with the sticker sheet) but I decided to off-set the card and label for more visual interest and to keep a more playful feeling.  A little washi tape to ground the grouping, added the vase of flowers sticker and wrapped a bit of embroidery floss into a bow around it.  Layered on the phrase label sticker and the letter stickers for the sentiment and finished it off with a little tab and a cluster of flowers and rhinestones.  I really enjoyed working with the pink, orange and turquoise colour palette and I like how the gingham is reminiscent of a country table cloth with a vase of flowers centerpiece (or is that just me?)...

Now, just another seven more cards I'm behind on making left to go!

July 11, 2014

Squeeze Kit

Hello, hello!

Today I wanted to share a new FB group that I recently joined, hosted by Margareta Carlsson, a fellow former 2Pea; Scrap Stash Kit Club.  Margareta has long made kits out of her existing stash and shared them on the 2Peas boards and she made this group to help encourage other scrapbookers to do likewise.  It's a closed group but feel free to look into it if it sounds like something you'd also be interested in joining.

Anyway, while I enjoy using collection packs, I've never actually made a kit from my stash before.  Well, perhaps that's not entirely true; I guess I have on a small scale for one or two specific projects and usually using a collection pack to begin with and then adding embellishments, etc. from my stash.  Margareta challenged the group to make a 'Squeeze' kit for the summer using bright citrus yellows, oranges and lime greens - sounds right up my alley.  It really started to get my creative juices flowing again so I pulled together a kit...except that I'm not really very good at being selective so it's HUGE!

Okay, so here are the papers I pulled - a selection of lime greens, oranges, yellows, a couple hot pinks and then I added a handful of kraft and wood grain neutrals.

Patterned Papers

Then I pulled a selection of specialty papers, sticker sheets, letter stickers, chipboard, vellum, transparencies, etc.

Specialty Paper

And then embellishments...  Oh the embellishments...  The really small ones without packages I put into this cute little double plant pot with a handle.


Small, loose embellishments

Now I just need to add photos and get messy!  :)

July 10, 2014

WIP Thursday

I'm about ten and a half hours behind in sharing my WIP Wednesday with you but when I remembered it was Wednesday (evening), I realised I had forgotten to take photos of my current projects while the day light was still good and strong so decided to wait for decent(-ish) photos.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  So here we go:

I've been doing a bit more embroidery for my Nice People, Nice Things embroidery quilt.  I finished off the text for the back of the 'party time' block.

'Dance like nobody's watching - sing like nobody's there - love like there's heaven on earth'

And then I must have really jumped on the band wagon because I sat out on the balcony in the blissful sunshine one morning and stitched up the next picture block from start to finish!


Now, I have an old friend from Canada arriving to visit me for two weeks on Sunday so not sure how much attention the blog will be getting while he's here.  I know what you're thinking - it's not been getting much attention already!  And you're correct but that's the beauty of summer holidays, isn't it?

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