February 02, 2016

The Konmari Method - Bottoms

Hello again!

So last week I shared with you my initiation into the Konmari Method and progress starting to declutter my tops.  I should also mention that I was very efficient and two days after decluttering my tops, I took the giant donation bag into the second hand shop and dropped it off - soooo satisfying.  Then I couldn't wait to tackle the bottoms so here we go!

Before: 50 bottoms

Okay, so this sub-category was easier than the tops, even though it included trousers, shorts and skirts, there was already remarkably fewer items and the vast majority of them have been sitting in a box in the attic so I already knew that they wouldn't be staying.

After: 20 remaining

Now here is a more dramatic after photo!  I admit that there were a few pieces that were difficult to part with in this category but I've come to terms with it and said my thank yous and good-byes and into the donation bag they have gone.  I even threw out two old pairs of jeans directly into the bin.

These few items have been nicely hung or folded and added to the closets, which are looking much fresher, thinner and tidier.  I didn't take a new photo of my closet yet, as it doesn't look too much different from last week but once I get to the panty hose, etc., it should see a significant face-lift.  What is it about panty hose that makes them breed like rabbits?

Total donation/rubbish bags to date: 2