May 04, 2014

Pinspiration Sunday

I know, Pinspiration Sunday has been MIA for several weeks now.  Sorry about that.  No real good excuse, just life happening and my attempting to recover from it whenever possible (in good ways, nothing tragic).  Anyway, we're back today so go grab your hot beverage of choice and let's do this!


* listening - radio, Mix Top 20
* reading - The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes
* making - HST Sampler Quilt-Along
* eating - nothing yet but hungry for brunch
* drinking - water
* wearing - PJs
* weather - clear but cold, 10C
* feeling - hungry
* wanting - warm weather to return
* needing - to go grocery shopping
* planning - quilting bucket list
* thinking - new list of cards to make this month
* loving - snuggle time with Oskar
* enjoying - crafty goodness

And now on to the pins...

So beautiful and whimsical.  Sadly, this is just a Flickr photo and there is no linked pattern but if you really wanted to do it, you could probably contact the owner and inquire directly.

These little blocks made from fabric scraps are so cheery, they're sure to make a fabulous quilt when all put together.

Utterly adorable little stitched owls.  These would be cute as pin cushions (if you can bare stabbing them with pins, that is), children's toys or just cute decorations.

I also really loved these little bookmarks.  They're made from fabric covered buttons and a bit of elastic and embellishments.  Very cute and clever.

Paper straws have become another trending embellishment but I know many people are stumped with how to use them so here's another idea for working them into your scrapbooking LOs.

Big and bold, this circular design is very eye-catching.  I also really liked how an enlarged photo and the journaling were used inside the circle element instead of just patterned paper.

So simple and elegant, I just love this card.  Beautiful sentiment, too.  This one speaks for itself.

And for all of you Dr. Who geeks out there, how about a cool 3D Tardis card?

And here's a little crafty DIY you could do for your home decor or work into a scrapbooking LO or use as inspiration for sewing and quilting (or whatever hobby you do).

May 03, 2014

WIP Saturday

It's National Scrapbooking Day today but I seem to have gotten a wee bit confused because I spent it sewing!  But I have a good reason; I finally had both a fresh roll of thread and more importantly, time to sew thanks to the May Day long weekend.  In fact, I'm on day three of sewing, having spent the last two days at my friends' cottage working on various stitching projects.

Today I put together the final four blocks for my HST sampler quilt-along so I'm feeling very accomplished!

 Block #17

 Block #18

 Block #19

Block #20

Whew!  That's 20 quilt blocks now ready for squaring up and sashing tomorrow.  Then the fun of block placement begins.

I also finished off another milk carton woven basket.  This one in a smaller size (the size we've been making with my students at work) - 2x3 base and using orange juice cartons.  If you missed it, you can see my first basket here.

Not too shabby for a day's work.