February 07, 2014

WIP Friday?

It's been a while since I made a WIP Wednesday post and it seems it's going to take a while longer still...  I had every intention of posting this on Wednesday but the day just got the better of me.  However, better late than never, eh?

So I have a few little projects to share with you today.  First up - I bought my fabric for my Haberdashery club's Persian Pickle Club project!

I'm sure you're not surprised that it's orange.  I did try to find something with a geometric pattern but no such luck.  My second choice was a large retro floral print on a lighter tint of orange but as we're only providing 15cm square pieces to each other, I felt this smaller pattern worked better for the size.  We'll be swapping our fabrics next Tuesday so stay tuned for the big reveal of all the different fabrics chosen - so exciting!

Second up - it's been a while since I shared my progress on my Nice People Nice Things embroidery quilt.  It's been slow going but it's coming along, little by little.  I actually ran out of pink floss the other week, which set me back some but then when I finally managed to get down to the shop and buy more, I got the bit between my teeth and sat over two nights and stitched a bunch more to catch myself up, which felt great.  I'm very nearly done another month's set of picture and text blocks.

I also have a scrapbooking LO partially started, which I'm hoping to get back to work on and finish this weekend but I'll leave that for another time.

Right, off to finish watching the Winter Olympic games opening ceremony!

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