February 03, 2014

Kiva - January 2014

Today I'd like to share something truly special with you.  For the past few years I've been very good about making - and keeping - one or two New Years resolutions.  Last month I mentioned that I was still working out what my resolution(s) would be this year; there are a few new crafting skills I'd like to learn but I hadn't gotten beyond that and I wanted something that would make a greater impact - if not in my own life then in some other way.

Well, the 2013 season of Project Runway has been airing over here all month and my friends and I are big Project Runway fans (why didn't we get to be on the 'superfans' episode?!).  Anyway, I digress.  During one episode, the designers met various professionals who would be their inspiration and this included the creator of Kiva.org.  Now, I actually remember years ago hearing about Kiva when it was in its grassroots phase but I never quite got around to looking into it further.  That has now changed, though, I'm pleased to say.

So, here it is - my New Years resolution for 2014:

Once a month, support a loan on Kiva.

For just $25 USD people from around the world can help to fund micro loans to those in need - for food, housing, education, livelihood, etc.  I don't know about you but I pay more than that every week when I go out to supper with my girl friends so I can certainly shell out that amount to help someone else.  Oh, and the even better part is when the loan is re-paid, you can put your repayment to good use funding another loan - how awesome is that?

Yesterday I contributed to my first loan (and was on an emotional high for the rest of the day and still am a bit today if I'm being honest).

Sreyleang (Cambodia)

Sreyleang has requested a $1000 USD loan for the purpose of installing a hygenic latrine for her family.  With the help of the loan, Sreyleang and her husband won't have to dip into their savings funds, which may assist them in returning their children to school, in addition to the health benefits of better sanitation.

I'm pleased to say that within hours of my contribution to Sreyleang's loan, the amount was fully funded.

If you would like to read the full details of Sreyleang's story, you can read her Kiva loan request here.

I honestly can't tell you how excited I've been over this decision and taking action in such a meaningful way.  Sound interesting?  Please join me!

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  1. Wow! I haven't heard of KIVA. What a great way to help people.