February 09, 2014

Pinspiration Sunday

Welcome back to another (hopefully) cosy Sunday filled with eye candy and inspiration!  I'm presently tucked up on the sofa watching some Winter Olympics and feeling extremely tired, having scrapbooked in my brain most of the night when I should have been sleeping.  Is it just me who does this or anyone else fall victim to inspiration in the middle of the night that disrupts your sleep?  Needless to say, it will be an early night.  Anyway, enough of my ramblings - go grab your hot beverage of choice and join me on the sofa...


* watching - Winter Olympics (ski jump)
* reading - The Persian Pickle Club (downloaded; honestly starting this soon!)
* making - finished a UFO LO and two cards today - whew!
* eating - Swedish pankakor (pancakes) with strawberry jam - YUM!
* drinking - water
* wearing - jeans, knit shirt & cardie (plus blankie)
* weather - clear, 5C
* feeling - tired but accomplished
* wanting - to go back to bed
* needing - to just get through one more week of work
* planning - my Persian Pickle project
* thinking - of possible new blog names (have any suggestions?)
* loving - having spent the day being crafty
* enjoying - having spent all day yesterday in bed  **bliss**

And now on to the pins...

How gorgeous is this quilt?  All of those perfect little squares remind me of little postage stamps, all neatly organised.  Fab colours, too.  Want.  Seriously.

I so love orange peel quilts!  I'm totally lusting over this one with its combination of rainbow peels and hap-hazard newsprint background fabric (I'm a sucker for text prints in fabric or paper).  The instructions on this blog entry are very detailed with a lot of photo references.  This one is going on my to-make list once I've done a bit more hand applique.

One of my skills I want to learn (or perhaps in this case, improve upon) is my hand applique.  This is a good beginner level video that covers the basics of tools, getting started and the basic stitch and turning.  Additional videos cover curves, points, etc.

We can't have a Pinspiration Sunday without some sort of owl cuteness so here's an adorable handbag.  Link to the pattern ($5.00 USD) on the webpage.

A couple of weeks ago I shared an awesome family tree quilt so it seemed fitting to do likewise with a scrapbooking LO.  Clearly this particular page isn't my style (although it might be yours) but there is so much inspiration one can draw from it.  Pretty spiffy.

Here's a simple but pretty and nicely balanced Valentine's Day card that doesn't really require you have a Valentine's-themed pack of supplies or even the traditional red/pink/white colour palette.

This will probably be the last of wintery cards we can reasonably share at this point in the season but I couldn't resist this adorable nested circle snowman.  I love the unexpected perspective and it's so simple, you could easily assembly-line these.

OMG, these recreations of classic paintings and photographs will blow your mind.  Artist Jane Perkins uses found objects such as buttons, beads, plastic toys, etc. to reproduce classics and they are AMAZING!  Girl with the Pearl Earring and the National Geographic Girl are my favourites.

I may be a month off with this one but if you're looking for some inspiration of a different flavour, you may wish to try Julie Kirk's My Month in Numbers.

We've had some lovely spring-like weather here in Malmö today so it seems fitting to have a little spring time colour palette.  There's also a little touch of pink in there if you're working on some Valentine's projects currently.

And finally, because I'm completely obsessed (in a good way, of course) and whole heartily believe in the vision of this organisation, I'd like to once again mention Kiva.  Kiva is an organisation that helps people, many of whom live in developing, war-torn or natural disaster-prone countries to finance loans that improve their lives.  They do this by providing people like you and I to fund micro loans.  It's an amazing organisation - please take a few moments to read up on them and consider lending a hand.

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  1. The same thing happened to me the other night. I was almost asleep and a sudden idea for a dress pattern struck me. I tossed and turned all night long! :p I love the variety in the items you picked. :)