November 11, 2013

Mini Album: Barcelona

If you've stopped by sometime over the last week, you will have likely read some references to a recent mini album or perhaps even seen some sneak peaks of said album.  Well, today is the big reveal!

I often feel that it's difficult to do mini books or albums justice with just photos alone so I have a video to share with you below - I hope you enjoy seeing it from beginning to end.

And if you'd like a closer look at the specific pages, here are photos of each page, plus the covers.  For the record, in retrospect I quite like how the front cover turned out and I sort of wished I'd left the back blank (but I did the back first as a test).  Anyway, I know my friend will like it either way.

Title page (above) and itinerary (below).

This first chapter includes all of the tours we went on: hop on/hop off bus tours, cable car up the mountain and the walking tour of the Gothic quarter.

The second chapter details the important sights we saw, including a number of Gaudi's impressive works - Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, La Pedrera.  Also the concert house and some (unknown) arch.

The third chapter is one of my favourites - food!  We enjoyed paella, churros, tapas, a lot of seafood, creme Catalana and sangria, just to name a few.

The fourth chapter is all about the other fun things we did; not necessarily the big sights but also worth a visit - flamenco dancing, Catalan historical museum, ICEBARcelona and L'Aquarium Barcelona.

The fifth and final chapter is called 'Real Life' and talks about the unfortunate (but some funny) incidents that befell my friend during the trip, our three country hop back home and a little good-bye tribute to Barcelona.  I also left several large blank pages and put in a page for writing in various snippets for my friend to fill in (she loves to write); as a way to further personalise her album.  The last page also includes an extra large pocket for her to put in memorabilia and any extra photos she decides to print off herself.

Back cover (above).

And that's it!  All in all, I spent about three days putting it all together and I'm looking forward to finally giving it to her this weekend.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my first ever mini album.