November 27, 2013

Christmas Collections & November Haul

Welcome back, folks!  So yesterday I meant to share with you a new post and then completely spaced out once I got home.  You know how it is, just too many things going on and the memory just isn't what it used to be, sad to say.  Anyway...

So I skipped making my usual 2Peas order in October.  With the bathroom/flat renovations going on and everything filthy and packed up, there just wasn't any opportunity to craft much so it seemed pointless to purchase supplies I couldn't use.  I was also having issues deciding on which Christmas collection to choose this year.  So here's the conundrum:

Last year I used Echo Park's This & That Christmas by Lori Whitlock - very traditional designs but with some non-traditional colours thrown in (some yellow and aqua) and wood grain, which I was just challenging myself to use.  I really enjoyed the collection pack - the papers were lovely and the sticker sheets had a great selection from which to choose.  I mixed in a few other random bits here and there, most notably a gorgeous white and cream wood grain from Webster's Pages.

So this year, like many of us, I eagerly sifted through all of the CHA-S Christmas reveals...and found myself uninspired.  True story.  I'm not exactly sure what turned me off so many of the collections, although I suspect a lot of it was the choice of green most manufacturers used (green in my least favourite colour and I'm pretty picky about which tints and shades I like).  There was plenty bits and pieces that I liked from a selection of different collections but with this time of year being so manic for me (elementary school teacher, remember - report card writing and parent/teacher talks), I don't have much time or energy to cherry pick and make my own collection.  At the end of the day, it's just easier to choose one full collection and go with that.

Well, I liked the modern design of Echo Park's 'Tis the Season collection.  I also liked the chalkboard elements but... (you knew there was a 'but', right?) there was just so much black and grey, I was concerned that with my black & white photos that the LOs would be very dark and drab.  Why not use colour photos, you wonder?  Well, my parents' house is beautifully decorated but in no colour that pairs well with any variation of red so it's just easier to go B&W.

In the end, I chickened out and bought Echo Park's Reflections Christmas, again by Lori Whitlock.  It's beautiful (and traditional) and I like the pops of aqua again so I'm sure it will all work out.  I'm also planning to add in gold accents with some Heidi Swapp gold lamé, sequins and washi tape.

So what about you?  Which Christmas collection did you decide to go with this year?  Or did you mix n' match?  And why - what was it that inspired or drew you to those choices?

And finally - here's what I picked up in my most recent 2Peas order:

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