August 04, 2013

Pinspiration Sunday

I've been a bit pre-occupied with life lately, combined with my wifi router dying on me on Wednesday so I've not been online much recently so I'm afraid the pins will be a bit sparse this week but it's all about balance.  So go grab your hot beverage of choice and settle in for a quick share of photo love.

* watching - The Nanny Diaries
* listening - to Oskar nagging me
* making - absolutely nothing lately
* eating - Jacquot truffles (bitter classic - YUM!)
* wearing - shorts & t-shirt
* weather - partly cloudy, 20C
* feeling - bit burnt-out
* wanting - to not return to work next week
* needing - to go clothes shopping (stop being lazy & putting if off!)
* planning - to go back and buy the awesome shoes I saw last week
* enjoying - having found a new home for all of my grab bags :)

And now on to the pins...

Another lovely LO by Kiwijesta.  The design is simple but what I really loved about this LO is how her photos work together with the black backgrounds and the pop of neon.  I really haven't gotten into the neon trend at the moment but this is great.

I've made a few paper bag art journals in the past but hadn't considered adapting the idea to cards.  It's a fun idea, though, especially in those circumstances when you may want to include more in with your card (memorabilia, gift certificates, photos, etc.).

Have you seen this awesome washi tape that's set to release with the Daily Flash collection by OA?  *swoon*  Orange and pink and ombre all wrapped up together?  Seriously?  I might just wallpaper my flat in this...

I'm not a big flower-user on my LOs but this is really cute and would be a lovely decoration on gift bags or presents or for table decor at parties, etc.

Now, I learnt how to fold a fitted sheet from my mum, as I imagine the rest of you did also.  It's a two-person job.  The problem is, I'm a single-person household and own a queen-sized bed so the sheets are freakishly large.  All of that translates to a laundry nightmare on a fortnightly basis.  So I decided to rectify the situation and learn how to fold a fitted sheet all by me onsie and lo and behold, here it is!  And may I say, while it may be going too far to say this information has been life-changing, it is most certainly absolutely *magical*!  Check it out, give it a try and see if you ever go back to however you used to 'fold' fitted sheets - I dare you!