August 09, 2013

Mobile Phone Wristlet

I've not done much sewing this summer but today the motivation hit me like a lorry!  First, a little backstory: on Monday I went shopping for some new work clothes and I bought two beautiful dresses (one was orange *drools* ) and a cute little skirt - none of which contained pockets.  I carry my phone with me at all times, even during work, and it's inconvenient when I don't have a way of carrying my phone and especially my work keys.  So, I decided I would finally make that phone pouch I've been 'planning' on making for oh, say probably three years now, possibly more.

Drum roll, please...

I think what cinched the deal was realising I was never going to use the cute little Buttercup Handbag I had originally bought this fabric to make and decided I should use it instead for this little project and finally enjoy the fabric!  And as you'll notice, it will totally match my pretty new orange dress (and the black/white dress and the black skirt).

I used a free pattern, the Easy iPhone Sleeve tutorial by Erin Erickson and then made a few modifications to it.  First of all, I own a HTC so the dimensions were a little different (cut your fabric pieces 12"x4" for HTC OneX phones).  I also decided I wanted to add a wristlet strap so I could easily carry the pouch and I used a key fob (purchased from A Graff Designs on Etsy) so that I could also easily clip my work keys to it using a split ring or carabiner if I so wished.

I also had this lovely button that matched the flecks of green in the butterfly print perfectly.  Again, I bought it with the intention of using it with the fabric for a Buttercup Handbag and I couldn't part with the idea of not using it here so I added it as a decorative element with an off-cut of the strap.  I really like how it jazzes up the pouch.

And here's a look at the backside:

In other news, I went browsing through the local second-hand shops here yesterday and found some lace doilies on sale for a mere 5:kr (basically $0.75).  Now, I am so not a lace or doily person but I do like to use masks with my spray mists when scrapbooking and I plan on using these for just that purpose.

Not bad, right?  I especially like the medium-sized one of the left.  If you have clear spray gloss, you could also use it to spray the doilies and then make a watercolour resist from the pattern (check it out).  I like when I can make my own masks, such as this sunburst mask made from an old cereal box:

Super easy to make and as you can see, it's been well-used.  The cardboard stands up quite well to spray mists, you just can't get the cuts too close to each other or risk it tearing.  I plan to actually re-make this one using mylar, which I can get for 10:kr from my quilt guild, so that I can make a smaller pinpoint where the rays join up that will be more durable but otherwise it functions great as is.