July 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Here we are at another Wednesday - seriously, how do they fly by so quickly?

The wind today is really whipping outside and been making me feel restless but I have managed to putter around with some scrapbooking today.  While I generally consider most layouts 'finished' once they're off my work table and photographed, sometimes I'll look at one I've done recently and realise that there's something missing.  I'm quite happy to go back and tweak as necessary in these situations, because I'm a firm believer that I should be happy with my creative work.

So today I pulled out this layout that I created in April:

After I finished it, something just felt missing so I kept it out to mull over what it was and how to ultimately finish it.  I felt like I wanted to frame the photo and that with all the delicate colours, it needed something dark to help anchor it.  I also felt that with all the straight lines in the design and the papers, it needed something circular beyond just the buttons and the sticker.  Then I remembered one of Shimelle's older sketches (here), that uses brads in a circular shape.  So today I broke out a package of alpha brads I've been hoarding and got to work; I filled out the rest of the circle with gold sequins (totally obsessed, it's a sickness, really).  For me I found a tighter circle worked best.  After:

And a detail shot:

I feel confident in calling this project done now and have slipped it into its album.

Then I decided to work a bit more on a layout I started the other week with a sun and surf theme.  I discovered, however, that the recent humidity, low as it was, curled my vellum so I'm trying to press it out, as it's making the layout a bit tricky to work with curled up.  I did, however, add the bottom layer of papers today:

By that time I'd lost steam so I've put it aside again to flatten out some.  I am hoping to finish it off by the end of the week, though, since I don't usually leave pages to sit like this; I'm more of a start to finish scrapper normally.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank the people over at Quilter Blogs for linking to my blog.  They have a lovely selection of quilting and sewing related blogs so if you also love stitching, please do check them out.