July 07, 2013

Pinspiration Sunday

Hello, everyone!  It's been a fabulous summer day today - clear skies and warm temperature with a breeze so I've been enjoying it embroidering out on the balcony.  Sheer bliss!  So go grab your hot beverage of choice and enjoy some photo love.

watching - Heart of Dixie
making - embroidery quilt blocks
wearing - jeans and a tank top
weather - sunny, clear and 22C
feeling - fidgety
wanting - to eat popcorn
needing - to go grocery shopping tomorrow
planning - another set of coasters
thinking - I should buy that second hand bicycle from Blocket.se
enjoying - the weather; hope it lasts!

Taking Turns quilt - I just love the cleanness and graphic design of this quilt and the white sashing.  It sort of reminds me of an interesting cobblestone pathway.

These Flip Flap bags are so lovely!  I have a weakness for handbag patterns, although I'm sort of rubbish at actually getting around to sewing them...  But since I'm a cyclist, I prefer message bags and extra pockets are always a bonus.  I also just love the buttons - I have some giant buttons that could really work with these.  Pattern is also available as a download so no shipping charges!

I really enjoy a lot of Corrie Jones' work and this page, Me - May 8, is no exception.  I like the idea of choosing one day each month when you can just stop and take stock - just for a few minutes - and reflect on yourself and your life.  I also love the stripes of washi tape, the black and white photo, the typed vellum, the embellishments - so, pretty much everything.

And by extension, I also love what Amanda has done with Corrie's prompts for her own version, About Me Right Now.  Her choice of The Pier 6x6 papers is awesome (love those bold, bright colours) and the retro 'squares', the frame, the arrows, the wood veneers.

Over on the 2Peas discussion board, you might have seen this great idea to use washi tape to cover buttons - brilliant!  Wooden buttons have been suggested but flat plastic ones would work well, too.  I might try this with some clear plastic ones I have laying around.  I love how flexible washi tape is for DIY embellishments and design.

And following on the washi love, some ridiculously simple washi tape paper clips.  I like doing this with ribbon but haven't tried it with tape - yet!

OMG - I *have* to make some of these!  How awesome would it be to send not just a card but a slice of CAKE to a loved one for his/her birthday?!  A very simple DIY involving a sponge, caulking, spray paint and a postcard - awesome!  And you can really post it (photo evidence included in the tutorial).

And finally...

I have never tried quilling but how unbelievably amazing is this wall-sized quilled map of the world?!  It really is a must-see.

What's been inspiring you this week?  Cheers!