July 28, 2013

Pinspiration Sunday

So, a lot of new goodies in the crafting world with CHA-S last week.  I'll admit, I was hooked entirely on the scrapbooking market side of the event.  I'm really not sure how my budget is going to survive my next purchase once the new releases are available - I have something akin to at least 3 collections either already in or eagerly awaiting going into my 2Peas bucket - yikes!  Anyway, go grab your hot beverage of choice and cozy up for your weekly dose of photo love.

* listening - to the birds chirp and the wind blow
* reading - Through the Kaleidoscope (Amy Heller's scrapbooking colour theory class)
* making - my first Amsterdam travel LO!  (trip 2 years ago)
* eating - far too many unhealthy things lately - really must get a grip
* drinking - water
* wearing - PJs
* weather - overcast, 22C
* feeling - hungry
* wanting - far too many beautiful new CHA products *sighs*
* planning - to set up my new paper stash system
* loving - having an old friend over for a weekend crop; thanks, Anya!
* enjoying - Oskar snoozing in his basket next to my bed (sweetness)

This past week's inspiration:

OMG, total *love*!  I just found this this morning and although I've been planning for years to re-decorate my lounge in a lovely mauve, I'm seriously considering changing my mind to these.  There is even a selection of the collection available in home decor weight fabrics.

I will admit, I have a tendency to fall victim to this - I don't always properly press my sewing and it can turn around a bite me in the butt later.  Always good to review the 'basics', as it were, and not get sloppy.  I also quite liked the envelope tip to avoid getting seam allowance lines on your blocks - very handy.

I just think this is so inspirational - a grassroots organisation promoting free lending and exchanging of books using tiny little birdhouse/mailbox-like containers in communities worldwide.  Such a great initiative!

This is my Pinterest board for the 2Peas Mix & Match CHA-S challenge game.  If you've not seen this, the premise is to choose 5 current products from the 2Peas store and 5 yet-to-be-released products and mix n'match them together for a unique look of old and new.  I based my board on the absolutely *gorgeous* Carta Bella Hello Again collection (yes, that will be jumping into my next 2Peas bucket for sure).  There's a mix of Maggie Holmes, OA, Webster's Pages and Fancy Pants in there as well.

How awesome is this page by Kiwijesta at 2Peas?  She was inspired by Paige Evans and her use of scraps but I really feel that she's made it her own, hands down.  I love everything about this page from the misting to the paper choices to the embellishments and especially that pop of dark turquoise in the title and journaling.  Just awesome.

Serious cuteness alert - I love this idea.  I could see adapting a matchbox for this card or of course you could just DIY the shape from cardstock scraps.  Would be a really unique way of inserting gift certificates, event tickets or anything else.

The Maggie Holmes embellished clips were very popular in her recent release and there's more on the way in the new collection.  I've also seen bobby pins being used in card making recently, too, so it's certainly a growing trend.  I love the look of these fabric covered button pins and they're super easy to make - you just need a button covering kit and some flat-backed bobby pins.

I also thought this origami tutorial could be fun to try for when you're short on dimensional arrows or want to focus on using up your paper scraps, etc.

I will undoubtedly have an entire post on the topic of finding this year's Christmas collection of choice, which seems to have been a whole 'drama' unto itself.  However, I'm really liking the look of North Pole, by We Are Memory Keepers (go figure).  More on this at a later time.

And finally, since I'm taking a colour theory class at the moment, let's enjoy some colour love.  How yummy and delicious is this palette (haha!).  *swoon*  It reminds me of Amy Tan's gorgeous Yes, Please collection, which I believe I can safely say is my currently all-time favourite collection to date.  Just yum.