July 08, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello and welcome back!

It's been a looong time since I last posted a WIP Wednesday.  So long, in fact, that I can't actually remember when the last one was...  Clearly that needs rectifying, so here we go.

Recently I've been working on my Diamond Jubilee jelly roll race quilt.  I stitched up the top (in true jelly roll race style) some three years ago now, during the year of the Diamond Jubilee...and then it sat there in my projects pile in my bedroom, folded, sad and ignored.  Until now.

Sadly, I didn't ever get around to going back to the quilt shop and buying more of the same London fabrics to finish it off so all that was left were two small cuts of the navy 'I love London' fabric (which I scooped up and may become the binding, if I'm lucky).  But I had long envisioned it having bold red borders and just when I thought I'd gone through all of the red fabrics in the shop without hitting on the right shade, I spied a series of Shadowplay fabrics - success!

I also decided to add a narrow inner border of Kona white to help lift the design and keep it from feeling too dark and heavy.  I'm glad I kept the borders pretty plain - there is so much pattern and chaos going on in the stripes in the quilt top itself that it needed some calming down with the more solid borders.

And here it is laid out on my bed - it looks fab with these sheets, too:

Now I need to go decide on a backing fabric.  I've been toying with the idea of using this white and beige woodgrain fabric, which also happens to be marked down in the summer sale.  Or I also like the idea of using a newsprint fabric, but the local quilt shop doesn't currently have much newsprint fabric available so I'm probably out of luck there.  Or I might try some of the local haberdashery shops that carry 60" or wider rolls of fabric and see what they have in the way of cottons that could work (and possibly save me piecing the back).

Either way, this quilt top is already Greta-approved.

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