July 13, 2015

Kiva - July 2015

Welcome back to this month's Kiva investment.

Wilman (Honduras)

A loan of $2,300 helps Wilman to buy 30 hives for his apiary.

Wilman is a farmer who is 35 years old, he is single and works especially in the production and sale of coffee and organic honey. He has more than 7 years of experience in the production of organic honey and he owns a very large apiary. Wilman has a son and his dream is to form a small patrimony so that his son can have better opportunities.

The production of organic honey is an novel activity in the region, as the weather conditions are adequate and the large existence of plants causes production to be abundant. Though Wilman has had this occupation for quite some time, the practices of organic rules have made his apiary more sustainable. Producing organic honey gives him better opportunities in the market for the product, to produce more without harming bees, and to take care of the environment with an apiary where good practices are put in place.

Curretnly, Wilman asks for a loan to expand his apiary, he wishes to obtain around 30 more hives, which will help him to have a better income to be able to support all his needs, and those of his son.

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