July 27, 2015

Red Velvet Progress

Hello, hello!

Remember that Red Velvet layer cake quilt I dug out from the depths of my quilting stash?  Turns out that I started this quilt back in 2010 - bought the fabric, took the course, made six blocks and then put it away for some five years (don't judge).  Well, in twelve short days, it went from forgotten and unloved to this:

Yup, that is indeed a finished quilt top you're looking at there!  And please excuse the poor lighting - we've had nothing but dark and dreary weather here lately.

For the contrast colour, I opted for some Moda Bella solid in a pale blue and the outer border is a very pretty beige/cream with a swirling mosaic design that nicely picks up the tones in the beige fabric used in the X blocks and will match nicely with the fabric I've picked out for the binding.

And here's the truly awesome and impressive part, you see that dark brown I used for the star points?  All along I'd been fretting over whether or not I'd have enough to finish everything.  I did all the cutting for the remainder of the piecing and was super thrilled that I had just enough with a tiny bit to spare.  Except I either miscounted or miscut because to my horror while piecing the inner border, I was six squares short!  Noooo!

All I can say is, thank goodness for stash fabric!  Around the time I bought these fabrics, I was also working on a number of projects that used browns, all bought from the same store during the same year and I luckily managed to find another reddish brown in the same value as the original in the quilt.  You can't even tell the difference up close.  Whew!

Next step is deciding on a quilting pattern - suggestions are welcome.