July 10, 2015

Red Velvet Layer Cake

Got your attention yet?  Sadly, this has nothing to do with actual moist, yummy red velvet cake but it does have everything to do with yummy fabric in quilt form.  Fandango fabrics by Moda, to be exact.

I've been steadily catching myself up on a number of partially complete projects recently but there has been one on my to-finish list that hasn't seen the light of day in more years than I'd care to count (or admit).  It all started many, many years ago in a tiny yet cosy little cellar quilt butique when I saw a sample of Thimble Blossom's Red Velvet layer cake quilt.  I bought the fabric, attended the class, got six blocks done and then under the bed it went...

The original 6 blocks.

Well, today I unearthed this hidden gem.  The photo above shows the original six blocks I had done in class.  This was my starting point.  I honestly don't know why I didn't continue it sooner.  I have the fabric (well, I apparently didn't buy the contrasting fabric but that's easily rectified).  I have the instructions - both in the original English and also a Swedish version.  I remember having pulled it out several years ago with the intention of continuing it, only to be confused (I'm not sure what by) and put it away again.

Anyway, I haven't let any of that stop me.  Perhaps I'm more confident these days.  Perhaps I'm more determined.  Or perhaps I just don't let myself get as hung up as I did in the past.  Whatever it is, I'm moving forward with this project and it feels great!  Here's where I left off today:

Block count tripled!

Check it out - 18 blocks done now!  All of the snowball blocks have been finished (with the exception of one that requires the missing contrast fabric) and two more X-blocks have been finished.  I've also done all of the cutting prep to continue working on more X-blocks tomorrow.

After all of that, I really do believe I deserve a wee bit of cake now...