August 31, 2014

Group Role Cards - TpT

Wait, what?

Is that what you just asked yourself?  What's this post all about?  It's not quilting or scrapbooking related...

That's true, it's not.  However, you might recall that earlier in August I posted about a little make-over here on the blog.  What began as a bit of a cosmetic face-lift has steadily been morphing into branching out on the content, too, so I hope you enjoy the new variety (feel free to drop me a comment!).

For all you fellow primary teachers out there, I have a new resource available on my TpT store that I hope you will find useful in your classrooms - Group Role Cards.

My class this year really needs to work on their group work skills so I'll be using these role cards extensively.  The set comes with six cards on bright and cheery polka dot backgrounds.  Each card clearly explains the role's jobs / responsibilities in an easy-to-read format.  Additionally, each card also lists the IB Learner Profile, Attitudes and/or Transdisciplinary Skills related to the role.

Roles include:
  • Facilitator
  • Secretary
  • Mediator
  • Resource Manager
  • Investigator
  • Time Keeper
The cards are designed to be printed on A4 (landscape) paper, then cut into A5-sized cards.  Laminate and punch a hole in the corner to clip together for long-term use and easy storage.  Since I'm an IB teacher, these obviously align with the IBO curriculum.

Now that all the formal and official info is out there, I need to gush a little.  I'm SO chuffed with myself!  I finally sat down and figured out how to make pretty resources using PowerPoint (yeah, it was one of those 'Well, duh!' moments when I researched it...)  But never mind that, now armed with this new knowledge, I will be happily creating more pretty and eye-catching resources in the future.

And of course, if you download and use these role cards, I'd love to hear back from you - did the quality measure up to what you would expect?  Did you find them useful in the classroom?  Any tweaks or considerations to suggest (bearing in mind that I'm still new at the whole PPT design element)?

Cheers and happy group work!