July 01, 2014

Baby Bunting

Happy Canada Day!

I have a little sewing project I've recently been working on all finished to share with you today.  As you may have read, a close friend of mine had her baby last Sunday (three weeks early and on the baby shower date!).  Well, I had originally planned to make some baby bunting for the shower that could later be used to decorate the little one's room.  Probably a good thing that she came so early, because I was quite a bit behind in getting this project made - it just seemed to keep expanding and taking on a life of its own...

Baby Bunting

My original idea was to be a 'quick and dirty' make - an afternoon of crafting and done.  That's not exactly how it worked out.  I printed out the letters using Arial Black font, point around 80-90, I think, then cut them out and used them to trace out the Heat n'Bond.  I had thought to just stick the letters directly onto the striped pennants but then discovered there wasn't as much contrast between the two fabrics as I had originally thought.  So I had to make up some circles, which I backed with interfacing, onto which I put the letters.  I hand stitched the circles down using a blanket stitch and that alone took up a fair bit of time.

The pennant shape I made myself by simply folding some paper and deciding on an angle and size I liked.  Then I decided since the pennants had already become this involved, we might as well go the whole hog so I backed them onto some white cotton and stitched around the edges (1/4 inch in from the edge), then used pinking shears to finish the edges.

Finally I made some double-sided fabric strips, which I also pinked along the edges, and tacked each pennant along it using four sets of cross stitches (each triple stitched so it's good and solid).  All in all, a two-day project but totally cute and worth it!

Sagan börjar

The bunting reads 'Sagan börjar'.  It's a play on my goddaughter's Scandinavian name, Saga (so pretty - I've always loved that name).  Translated it means 'The saga begins.'

And a little close-up shot...

New mummy received these goodies today and was super thrilled with the idea.  My work here is done.