June 22, 2014

What a Weekend!

So, intended plans for this weekend:

* Saturday - Midsummer Day, lounge quietly at home
* Sunday - hold baby shower for friend Alice (due date mid-July)

Then, actual weekend reality:

* Saturday - text arrives; water has broken, baby is coming!  Spend all day at Alice's helping out, keeping her calm and pre-occupied, coaching her through contractions and getting her to hospital later that night.
* Sunday - Wait at hospital until baby is delivered (June 22, 12:12am, 48cm and 2.87kg), just made it to term by a mere 12 mins!  Finally crawl into bed after 2am, sleep fitfully, get up and return to hospital to visit mum, grandma and baby Saga!  (Baby shower has been postponed to August.)

Anyway, despite all of that excitement, I did a little crafty work this morning before heading over to the hospital.  I've had some supplies to make a bump book with/for Alice but we've both been so busy that we haven't gotten started on it (and we thought we'd have 3 more weeks into the summer holidays to get to work on it - wrong!).  I had bought a package of Project Life journaling cards for her to add to the album so I decided to prep a handful with some misting and stamping, which she could then start to fill in while in hospital while things were still fresh in her mind (in between all the breast feeding, nappy changing and sleeping...  Haha!).

Bump book journaling cards.

Stamped cards - rag dolls & circular phrase icons.

Misted cards - various stencil patterns.

For the stamped cards, I stamped the images on both the vertical and horizontal sides so she has flexibility in which direction she wants to use.  Since the misting tends to warp the paper, I only misted one side of those cards but did some in each direction to still give her choices.  Then I threw in some blank cards to round out the starter pack.

Now I have some cot sheets to sew up and clearly I need to get working on that bump book for real!

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