June 28, 2014

Goodbye, 2Peas...

Those of you in the online scrapbooking community have undoubtedly heard the news from 2Peas regarding their sad decision to close.  I'd heard the rumours earlier in the year but it seems the time has finally come.  It's all the more bitter sweet that I've not been scrapbooking much at all this year, with other irons in the fire.

So I've caught myself up with the last few Glitter Girl videos, finished downloading my purchased workshops (and annoyed/disappointed that they've closed purchase on workshops - was hoping to buy Wilna's art class workshops and download them before the site closed...)

And tonight I also put in my final 2Peas order and boy, was it a doosie!  Admittedly, it's 90% papers, which is good - the embellishments were severely picked over.  But with my local scrapbooking shop having closed recently and now 2Peas going under, I'm feeling at a bit of a loss for where to go for supplies.

What online scrapbooking shops do you recommend?  I'm specifically looking for somewhere with a wide variety of the big manufacturers (similar to 2Peas) and good international shipping prices (not similar to 2Peas - I certainly won't miss that part).  So please, share with me your top online shops; I'm all ears!

Thanks a bunch, 2Peas; you were my scrapbooking home, my mentor, my inspiration, my 'dealer' and I'll miss you.

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