September 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Welcome back to another WIP Wednesday.  Life has been feeling pretty fast-paced recently and that hasn't left a lot of time for crafting, unfortunately.  I've been trying to make a little more progress on my Nice People, Nice Things embroidery quilt blocks.  Having had both a quilt guild day and another meeting of my Haberdashery group, you'd think I'd have gotten at least another block or two completed.  Sadly, I've been running low on my embroidery floss and no time to get to the craft shops and buy more so progress has been slow.  Here's where I'm currently at, though:

And I have to admit, I didn't get a whole lot of stitching done last night at Haberdashery, mainly because this little fella curled up for a nice, long nap on my lap:

Isn't he a sweetheart?  What with the bathroom renovations started in my flat this week, I've had to pack up my Oskar to stay with a friend (AKA his German holiday family) so this was some much-needed kitty time for me.  It's quite sad not having Oskar at home; and very quiet.

And speaking of the bathroom renovation, today is half way through week 1 (of 6-8 weeks).  Demo started on Monday and here's a quick snapshot of what used to be my bathroom:

Yup, not a whole lot left.  There are two toilets and two shower stalls down in the cellar that all of us currently going through reno must use.  I reckon it's probably around 50-60 people at a time, depending on the number of residents per flat.  Doesn't that sound cosy?  Luckily, I've managed to have a shower two mornings in a row so far; I think most people are either showering at night (thus leaving the showers available in the mornings - yeah!) or sponge bathing.  At least the workers have been really nice and helpful.

Anyway, I'm afraid that's all I have for the moment.  Check back on Friday, though, as I'll be posting a new scrapbooking LO for you to see.