September 04, 2013

WIP Wednesday

This week's WIP Wednesday is a work in progress of a very different nature.  This week starts the long awaited (and dreaded) bathroom renovation.  Construction starts on Friday, to be exact, but I've spent a good hour and a half this evening, despite working late, moving stuff around the flat in preparation.  Thankfully my flat has plenty of storage space so I've managed to squirrel away pretty much everything so things still look normal, although it does mean requiring a ladder to access at least half of it, should I have the need.

Pre-Reno Shot

But perhaps I should clarify, as this isn't just limited to a bathroom reno.  Yes, the entire bathroom is being gutted and re-done: all new plumbing pipes, modernised floor drain, ceiling pot lights, new floor tiles, new floor to ceiling tiles, new tub/faucet/shower head, new sink/faucet/cabinet, new toilet (don't get me started on the toilet!), radiator-heated towel rack, new vaniety with built in lights and outlet!!!  This part I'm super excited about, as I haven't had an outlet in a bathroom during the 11 years I've lived in Sweden, due to funky construction laws.

But it doesn't stop there - no!  They will also be installing a modernised fuse box (thank goodness), updating all ceiling light plugs to include grounding capabilities and installing three additional outlets where ever I choose (also amazing and desperately needed).  Oh, and they're also putting in all new plumbing pipes in the kitchen and installing a new kitchen faucet.

So if you're doing the math on all of this, you'll have figured out that this is not a quick and dirty renovation.  They're estimating between 6-8 weeks.  That means between 6-8 weeks without a functioning bathroom and thus the dread and displeasure.  I keep telling myself that it will be nice once it's finished but...6-8 weeks is a reasonably long time.

It also means that for 6-8 Oskar is going to need to live elsewhere, as all of this will be far too stressful on him, even locked in the bathroom (which is directly next to the bathroom where a tonne of noise will be occurring).  I have arranged for him to 'holiday' with his German family - a family from work that I'm close with, as I've taught the two eldest boys - and they've had him at their house several times before for Christmas and the boys absolutely adore Oskar so he'll get a lot of love and attention.  Hopefully he can come visit me on weekends when possible but I'm going to be sooo lonely during the week!

So, wish us luck and I'll keep you posted on the progress.  And of course, you can expect that all of this will be scrapbooked down the line, too.