March 08, 2015

Mini Album: Sweden - Part II

Hi there!

Today we're continuing on with the mini travel album I made for my friend, Adam, after he visited me over the summer.  If you missed the first chapter, be sure to check it out, too.  Chapter 2 features one of my favourite travel pasttimes - food!

Swedish meat fondue

A beer at Lillitorg

Scandinavian food list

Accent page

Plank salmon

I've had these fun crayfish confetti that I've decorated the table with every kräftskriva so I popped a few of them and some star confetti into the side pocket, then closed with some washi tape.

Kräftskriva - crayfish party

Yummy pasta

Three course surf & turf in Copenhagen

Curry & banana pizza, plus dinner at Lillitorg

Now, doesn't all that just make your mouth water?  Stay tuned for the next installment of chapter 3!