March 06, 2015

Mini Album: Sweden - Part I

Welcome back!

So over the summer last year my oldest friend growing up, Adam, came to visit me here in Sweden (finally - yeah!).  I had toyed with the idea of making him a mini album of the trip for his Christmas gift and then got busy with work.  As the holidays suddenly landed on top of me, I found a great set of Simple Stories travel themed SNAP! products at the local craft shop; they were even rather masculine colours.  I hemmed and hawed over whether I should buy them, for fear that I wouldn't get the album done in time but I just couldn't resist so I bought them anyway.

And then I dragged my feet in starting the album.  I mean, I really dragged my feet.  The second from last weekend before I was set to fly out, I finally ordered the photos.  Then I fretted over whether they would arrive in enough time for me to actually put together the album.  They did - but only just.  I whipped up this puppy in two days straight!

The album is divided into five chapters and today I'll share with you the first chapter, which features general sight seeing around Malmö, Sweden.  And apologies for the photos - due to having left this project so late to create, I had to photograph it away from home before handing it over so there are weird reflections and stuff that couldn't be helped at the time.


I love this photo of us together:

Chapter 1


I marked Toronto and Malmö on this world map:

World Map

For these journaling cards, I filled in two and left one with space for writing blank for Adam to fill in himself.

Journaling Cards

Accent cards

Some photo enlargements of special sights nearby:

Turning Torso


And a panoramic of the bridge with a really pretty sunset:


Paddling on the canal

Touring Stortorget

I added a journaling card for a top ten list and a little envelope for tucking away saved tickets:

Top ten & ephemera envelope

Sights of Stortorget

Sights around Malmö

Malmöhus Museum

Whew!  That's all for today; be sure to come back for the remaining chapters.