February 15, 2015

Little Feet Leave Big Imprints on Our Heats

Welcome back!

I mentioned in a recent post that the majority of people I know have been having baby girls so I have another baby card to share with you and yes, this time it's a little girl card.

For this card I decided to use more of the Simple Stories baby girl collection I have on hand.  And since it's a girl, I also decided I might as well use up some of that pink but I didn't want it to be a complete pink explosion so I paired it with some green and black/grey neutrals.

When I came across the 4x6 card with the phrase 'Little feet leave big imprints on our hearts', I knew it would be perfect paired with my baby footprint stamp (which, incidentally, has been a very useful investment, just FYI).  I stamped the little feetsies onto a 3x4 card and layered it on top of another 3x4 card.

Finally, I created two visual triangles layered over each other - one of flowers and one of hearts.  The hearts are layered up over top of hearts that already existed on the cards below them.  Easy, peasy, done!

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