February 17, 2015

Kiva - December 2014

Hi, there! Last month I finished catching myself up on my 2014 Kiva loans and here is the last one!  I can never seem to keep myself up-to-date posting these...where do the months go?

Christy (Philippines)

A loan of $675 helps Christy to buy new fishing nets, lead weights, floaters and fuel.

Christy lives in Carles, Iloilo. She is in the fishing business, since her husband is a fisherman. They have been in this business for 16 years. Christy does her best to help and support her husband in meeting their needs, especially in raising their five children, aged five to 14.

Christy is requesting a loan to buy new fishing nets, lead weights, floaters and fuel. This investment would be a great help in increasing her husband's catch.

Christy dreams of expanding the business to earn more for the family. She also wants to give her children a better education, and this loan would be a great help toward making her dreams real.

You too can get involved and contribute to a loan today!

And on that note, my I say that I have now officially completed my 2014 resolution to fund a Kiva loan each month for the year!  It's an amazing feeling knowing that I'm helping to empower people around the world to reach their dreams and better still knowing that the returns on my investments will go toward future loans, thereby continuing the cycle.  Thanks, Kiva!

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