April 19, 2014

WIP Saturday

Since I was sitting on a train enjoying the Irish countryside between Dublin and Belfast on Wednesday, I didn't get around to sharing my most recent two layer cake sampler QAL blocks with you so here we go:

 Block #13

Not much to say about this one; bit of text and floral print paired together.

Block #14

This one is another of my favourites.  When I was a child, my mum told me I could decorate my room in whatever colours I wanted.  I chose pink and orange - together.  My mum refused, saying that those colours don't work together.  Clearly I was well ahead of my time because as we know today, pink and orange most certainly do live happily together and here's further proof.  So Mum, can we revisit that conversation, please?

Sewing these two blocks was something of a nail-biting experience, as I've been running out of my standard ecru Aurifil at an alarming rate.  I just barely made it:

Going to have to wait until next week when the quilt shop is open again before starting my next two blocks, which is thoroughly disappointing as I was really hoping to spend the afternoon sewing today.  But then again, I get to enjoy this instead:

So I really can't (and won't) complain.