September 06, 2015

Roskilde Quilt Exhibition Part II

Hello, hello!

Last week I shared with you some photos from a recent quilt exhibition I attended in Roskilde, Denmark.  If you missed those photos, be sure to follow the link and check them out, they were really lovely.

In addition to the traditional patchwork quilts and art quilts on display, there was also a themed challenge exhibition in which quilt guilds from all over Europe participated.  This year's challenge theme was music and the entries spanned every imaginable possibility.  Here is a selection of my favourites:

"Square Dance"

After enjoying the exhibition displays, it's on to the shopping!  Probably the most popular items this year were a series of Christmas fabrics in black with metallic bronze, silver or gold - the bronze was super popular and also came in a white and bronze variation.

I, however, fell in love with a very different Christmas fabric and I couldn't resist this cute little candy pack of Valentine's prints, either.  I also picked up a new thimble to try out.  I have a pretty strong dislike of thimbles.  I prefer to stitch without them and simply build up a callous but sometimes necessity dictates the need but I've yet to find a thimble I like.  Could this be the one?  I'll keep you posted on what I think.

Great day out and already looking forward to next year's exhibition.