June 07, 2015

Memory Game: My Rights & Responsibilities - TpT

Hi, folks!

It's been a long time since I shared some teaching supplies but as the academic year is wrapping up here in Sweden, I'm already starting to think ahead to next year (seriously, what's wrong with me?).  Since I moved to a new school this year, I've had 5 out of 6 Units of Inquiry completely new to me - yikes!  That's a LOT of new material to find and create and let's face it, there is only so much one person can accomplish in a single year so a lot of ideas didn't get done.  But now I'm starting to fill in those gaps and this is one resource that fits the bill.

Now available in my TpT store - My Rights & Responsibilities Memory Game:

My Sharing the Planet UOI is all about rights and responsibilities.  It's a good Unit to start the year off with, since you can tie in Essential Agreements and set behaviour expectations in the classroom.  Even if you don't teach the IBO curriculum, this is a great topic to roll into your Circle Time or PSPE lessons.

I have a set of A4 posters with these phrases on them that I put up in my classroom last year and we did a whole class matching activity using them but I felt like the students really didn't internalise them in the way I wanted them to.  So I made this memory game to help with this.  I also reworded the phrases into first person so that students would be more likely to apply the concepts to themselves on a personal level.

Example cards.

As you can see, the cards are made in matching pair sets.  Each right is on an orange background and the responsibilities are on turquoise backgrounds.  The words 'right' and 'responsibility' are capitalised to draw attention to them.  I also added in a small clip art icon to help with the vocabulary.  There are 11 card pairs altogether and I also included an extra blank card pair, should you wish to make your own - for this purpose, I have included both the original PPT document and a PDF version for your convenience.

These cards are designed to print to A4 paper and cut into quarters (once cut, each card is sized A6). Simply print (colour is recommended), cut and laminate.

As usual, if you download and use this game, I'd love to hear back from you - did the quality measure up to what you would expect?  Did you find them useful in the classroom?  Any tweaks or considerations to suggest?