May 11, 2015

Dinosaur Baby Shower Gifts

Hello, hello!

My colleague, Linda, and her husband have been trying for a baby for some time and with great joy, she announced in the autumn that she was pregnant!  So when I was looking for a fun, quick little project to work on a while back, I decided baby shower gifts would be perfect.  It didn't hurt that I had seen some really cute, new children's fabric come into the local quilt shop...  It was farm animal themed but in the end I decided against it because the background was very white and if you've had children, you know that's just going to be a never-ending laundry cycle.  So instead I chose the super bright and fun dinosaur fabrics.

I went with my go-to tote bag pattern as a nappy bag - it features 6 deep pockets all around the outside and a lot of room on the inside to hold nappies, wipes, clothes, bottles, toys and everything else you may need for outings.  I also made my go-to changing pad clutch, which you can roll around a handful of nappies and box of wipes and is super quick and easy to operate one-handed while holding baby.

I also decided to add in a few little bibs and I even picked up some terry cloth to back them with for extra absorbency (yup, lived hovering up bits of terry cloth around the flat for the better part of a month but totally worth it).  Finally, I made this adorable dinosaur-shaped tactile toy to totally match the dino themed fabric.

Thrilled mummy-to-be

Needless to say, Linda was thrilled with the goodies.  She later told me that her husband was completely blown away with them, too, and absolutely loved the dinosaur fabric (yeah!).  In fact, he claimed they were far too nice to dirty up with baby changing but Linda has assured me that she will use them with pride and joy.  So happy for them both.