October 03, 2014

Guild Exhibition - Part I

Hello, hello!

So my quilt guild held their 10-year anniversary exhibition last weekend, September 26-28.  It was fabulous!  Such an amazing selection of projects and displayed in such attractive and fun ways.  I took a *lot* of photos so I'll be breaking them into different posts to avoid overwhelming everyone.

So to begin with, our joint guild quilt/wallhangings were on display in the main entrance.  Each block was made and contributed by a member of the guild.  Roughly half our membership contributed to the project.

Guild Joint Quilt

One of the things the majority of people commented on the most was the beautiful displays and how so much of the exhibition had artfully been crafted into attractive vignettes.  Here are some examples:

Cosy Corner

The Writing Nook

Park Bench

Sofa Pillows

Hallowe'en End Table

Then there was the fun chicken display, complete with straw and wooden crates.

A Chick, Chick Here and There

My friends Ingrid and Birgitta entered their lovely Amish dolls.

Amish Dolls

There was also an entire room devoted to winter and Christmas projects.  The piece de resistance was certainly these adorable penguins in their very own boat, complete with penguin quilted flag...

A Boat Load of Penguins

And these 3D Santas were very popular to make last Christmas and were quite the hit during the exhibition, too.

A Parade of Santas

Okay, that's it for today!  Be sure to come back for part II and part III soon.

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