September 08, 2014

Kiva - July 2014

Okay, last catch-up on my recent Kiva loans (can I still claim it's recent, even if I'm a month late in posting?)

Andres (Mexico)

A loan of $4,625 helped Andres to produce organic cucumber.

Andres is a 24-year-old rural entrepreneur from Yecapixtla, México. Andres has been working for Truequio, a cooperative that produces organic cucumber for the past 2 years.

Andres is asking for a loan to start producing organic cucumber on his own and become part of the cooperative he now works for. With this loan, he will be able to rent a greenhouse and buy seeds and some machinery.

Laura, Andres’s 22-year-old sister will help him with the cucumber. They are the first two members of their family to earn a college degree and instead of looking for a job away from their hometown they want create jobs in their community.

Laura and Andres still live in their parents’ house where they have set up a small greenhouse in order to try different types of seeds and agricultural practices. Andrés and Laura’s goal is to earn enough money to buy their own greenhouse and expand their production and employ more people in their community.

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